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The Australian doctors’ health conference 2022

The Australian doctors’ health conference 2022

This international conference has a firm focus on sharing positive ideas and solutions that enhance the health of doctors and students. This is very timely and so important to the profession itself, our health system and our patients in the wider urban and rural community.

The Conference Committee has planned a vibrant face-to-face and online academic program that will enable you to meet many like-minded delegates and presenters and discuss new perspectives, research, programs, and ideas that make a positive difference to doctors’ wellbeing at the individual, workplace, and system-wide level.

The Conference program offers you many opportunities to meet others and to hear and be heard by as many delegates as possible. We are delighted to offer a literary prize to the winning entry in the medical writers’ essay competition.

Our pre-conference zoom groups, workshops, and social program offer further opportunities to engage with the conference delegates and speakers, right in the heart of Australia’s most liveable city.

We want you to leave Adelaide with new friendships, new potential collaborators, fresh insights, and renewed optimism that we can and will make a difference.

We welcome your registration and look forward to seeing you there!

  • Doctors, medical students, health leaders and all people interested in health workplace wellbeing are invited to explore ways  all can thrive as individuals, in our personal lives, our workplaces and in the wider system, with a focus on the new frontiers in research and best practice.
  • Surprise pop up entertainment throughout the conference.
  • Meet the speaker opportunities at our platinum sponsor exhibition stands.
  • Enjoy pre-conference zoom networking opportunities to build new connections before the conference even starts.
  • Help create the dinner song playlist.
  • Share creative life outside medicine experiences.
  • Or enter for the literary prize of $2500! Explore the website for more information!

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