Healthy ageing

Healthy ageing

Healthy ageing

Everyone should have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

Healthy ageing is about creating environments and opportunities for people that allow for a good quality of life. Being free of disease is not necessarily a part of healthy ageing. Many older adults have one or more health conditions but when it’s well-controlled, it should have little influence on their wellbeing.

The older population is growing faster in the Northern Territory than in any other state or territory, and this is even more so in the Aboriginal population.

Our older population is less connected with the primary health sector than the general population and tend to have a higher occurrence of risky health behaviours, more experiences of poorer health, less access to aged care, and a higher need for acute care.

What’s more, Aboriginal people tend to have significantly poorer health outcomes than non-Indigenous Australians.

To improve the health outcomes of older people, we are committed to supporting and working with aged care providers, primary, secondary and tertiary health care sectors.