Our priorities define how we work together with our partners in primary health care to drive what we do.


We help meet the primary health care needs and priorities of Territorians by identifying gaps in our health system and commissioning local providers to deliver services to fill those gaps.

Grants and sponsorships

We offer support through one-off grants and sponsorship opportunities for businesses, community groups and organisations looking to improve the health and wellbeing of Territorians. 

Needs assessment

Needs assessments involve using and collecting local and national data or evidence when required. Conducting them is one of our ongoing key functions is assessing health needs across the NT.

Our partners

Meet our partners and providers Territory-wide who we support for better health outcomes for Territorians. 

Health reform

To develop and implement primary health services across the NT, we use commissioning to partner with health practices and providers.

Have your say

We are committed to developing a deep understanding of the health needs and experiences of Territorians.