Pre-Fellowship Program

This program helps non-vocationally recognised doctors gain valuable general practice experience in rural and remote areas before they join a general practitioner college-led Fellowship pathway.

The Pre-Fellowship Program has replaced the previous More Doctors For Rural Australia Program.


The Pre-Fellowship Program (PFP) aims to:

  • help doctors gain valuable general practice experience
  • improve access to general practitioners (GPs) in rural and remote areas of the NT
  • give general practices the opportunity to recruit from a pool of previously unavailable doctors.


To receive a placement on the PFP, the doctor and practice must meet minimum requirements:


The PFP is open to IMGs and other non-vocationally registered doctors who are:

  • Australian citizens
  • permanent residents
  • temporary residents.

Doctors can have general, provisional or limited registration.

Eligible doctors must:

  • hold current registration with the Medical Board of Australia
  • have an offer of employment and the necessary skills and experience to perform the role
  • provide evidence of appropriate support in place to meet supervision requirements if applicable
  • undertake GP professional development activities, including compulsory modules
  • review readiness for fellowship training, in conjunction with their medical adviser every 3 months
  • take active steps to join a GP college-led fellowship pathway within the defined period.

A doctor is not eligible to join PFP if they:

  • have previously been on a 3GA program
  • are currently on MDRAP
  • are vocationally registered.

Once a doctor leaves the PFP to join a GP College-led Fellowship program, they are not eligible to return to the PFP.

Ongoing requirements for participants

If you participate in this program, you must show you are working towards GP Fellowship. You must:


The Pre-Fellowship Program (PFP) allows doctors with placements in Distribution Priority Areas to access items on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

As a 3GA approved workforce program, doctors on this program satisfy section 19AA of the Health Insurance Act 1973.

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) with provisional or limited registration will also receive funding support for supervision and learning and development.

Applications now open

If you’re interested in applying for the PFP, please reach out our Workforce Agency NT team, who will be happy to send you the registration forms via email.