Who are we

As Northern Territory Primary Health Network (NT PHN), we help meet the needs and priorities of Territorians to improve health outcomes in primary health care.

Our role

It’s our role to identify these areas of need, such as a lack of health care services and difficulty in accessing these services, so we can commission primary health care services to address these needs.

Unlike other PHNs, we are unique in that we are also the NT’s Rural Workforce Agency (RWA). This means we support the recruitment, development and retention of a professional primary health care workforce across the NT.

We are a not-for-profit independent organisation funded by the Australian Government.

What is primary health care?

Primary health care is the first point of contact a person has with Australia’s healthcare system. It’s any treatment someone receives out of hospital, for example seeing a GP, nurse, physio, midwife, pharmacist, dentist, or Aboriginal health worker.

Primary health care works best when it is adapted to meet the specific needs of the local community. This means we collaborate with regional health stakeholders to plan, design and commission evidence-based health services that support the specific needs of local communities and better integrate the health system at a local level.


Our Board established 2 councils, the Clinical Council and Community Advisory Council to provide strategic guidance and advice on locally relevant clinical and consumer issues.


We are responsible for carrying out work that ensures a high degree of transparency, through governance and reporting, while achieving our objectives and maintaining the confidence of our stakeholders.


Our Board is responsible for providing leadership to the organisation and overseeing the overall strategy, governance and performance of the company. 

Executive team

Our Senior Executive Leadership Team leads five branches, with oversight from our CEO, to achieve our strategic goals.