One of our ongoing key functions is assessing health needs across the NT.

Needs assessments ensure we understand the health and workforce needs of Territorians.

This allows us to:
  • commission the right health services
  • lead and contribute to the reform of health services
  • advocate for the health needs of Territorians with National and Territory governments
  • ensure access to a quality, sustainable health workforce so Territorians receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Needs assessments can involve identifying:

  • health and healthcare needs
  • quality of a patient’s experience
  • efficiency and effectiveness of services and systems
  • capacity and experience of the health workforce and service providers
  • understanding the factors influencing outcomes and the opportunities for improvement.

Needs assessments involve using and collecting local and national data or evidence when required. It also involves engaging communities, consumers and their representatives, primary health care services, health professionals, hospitals, other community service providers (such as aged care), the tertiary education and training sectors and those sectors impacting on the social determinants of health (such as education and housing).

Needs assessments are about prioritising needs and using available information and advice to make judgements about available options and relative priorities.

We are continually working towards expanding our range and depth of knowledge on the health needs of Territorians through new information we attain through needs assessments.

2024 Health Workforce Needs Assessment Survey

Since 2017, we’ve combined certain data with survey findings from other healthcare professionals for the annual Health Workforce Needs Assessment (HWNA) focused on remote and rural NT. Take part in these surveys below and have your say in our 2024 HWNA. Find more information here.


Rural Workforce Agency Needs Assessments

2023 RWA Needs Assessment 
The 2023 report provides an update on the current and emerging needs of the workforce, with a specific focus on the Barkly region. The assessment identifies gaps in the primary care workforce and services and aims to highlight a region with high needs.

2019 RWA Needs Assessment
The 2019 report contributes to the ongoing development and implementation of evidence based activities to address national and specific priorities, relating to workforce needs and gaps in jurisdictions.

Program Needs Assessments

Care Finder Supplementary Needs Assessment
A one-off assessment aimed at providing information on additional NT PHN activities to identify local needs in relation to care finder support.

2022 – 2025 Program Needs Assessment
A review of the local and national data on health and healthcare needs. This report incorporates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, populations health, mental health and suicide, psychosocial support, healthy ageing and aged are, alcohol and other drugs, practice support and after hours.