Alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol and other drugs

The NT has the highest alcohol consumption per capita and the highest rates of hospitalisations and deaths due to alcohol misuse in Australia. Approximately 48% of adults in the NT exceed the National Health Medical Research Council guidelines related to alcohol consumption, these consumption rates are 173% greater than the national average.


The Northern Territory has specific health needs linked to alcohol and other drug use (AOD).

To support these needs, and those detrimentally impacted by alcohol and other drug use, we fund various treatment areas.

Treatment areas we fund include:

Treatment services

  • trauma and addiction counselling
  • complex care workers
  • outreach case-managers

Social and emotional wellbeing services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

  • therapeutic workers
  • social and cultural workers
  • social and emotional wellbeing workforce development

AOD workforce development and capacity building

  • mentoring training
  • skills development

We also partner with peak bodies, such as the Association of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies Northern Territory, and the AOD sector to plan activities and participate in cross-sector activities that take a holistic approach to alcohol and other drug use treatment.

To learn more about how we support alcohol and other drug treatment, visit our Activity Work Plans.

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