Other funding proposals

We accept funding requests that do not follow our formal commissioning process such as tenders, grants, sponsorships, and scholarships.

We refer to these as unsolicited proposals.


Funding provided will be time limited and in alignment with the NT PHN Needs Assessment and agreed Commonwealth approved activity plans, therefore limited to a maximum of 2 years.  

Your request will need to identify how the proposed project or activity will effectively respond to local identified health needs.  

How applications will be assessed

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:  

  1. The proposal demonstrates how the activity aligns with NT PHN priorities of mental health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, population health, health workforce, digital health and/or aged care.

  2. The proposal demonstrates how the activity delivers on the aims of improving equity, health outcomes, consumer experience, provider experience and/or provider capacity to deliver quality care.

  3. The proposed activity must: 
    • not be duplicative
    • indicate how the activity will engage key stakeholders
    • complement, coordinate, or integrate with other related initiatives or services
    • be cost efficient
    • demonstrate capacity to deliver within timeframes
    • demonstrate how sustainability will be delivered after the activity funding ceases.

When to apply

Unsolicited proposal applications are regularly assessed. When you receive your application you will be given an estimate of when you will hear the outcome of your application. 

Unsuccessful applications

Unsuccessful applications will be kept on file and may be re-considered when aligned funding opportunities arise. 

How to apply

Proposals can be submitted by downloading the application form and emailing to strategy@ntphn.org.au.


Phone: (08) 8982 1000

Email: strategy@ntphn.org.au