Rural Workforce Agency NT

Rural Workforce Agency NT

Our Rural Workforce Agency NT attracts, recruits, and supports health professionals working across regional and remote communities in the NT. Support programs include orientation for new recruits, professional development, GP locum relief, grants and scholarships, workforce planning and advice, and practice management support.

Through our rural workforce agency, we address health workforce shortages in regional, rural and remote Australia by:

  • improving access and continuity of access to essential primary health care
  • building local health workforce capability to ensure communities can access the right health professional at the right time, and ensuring health practitioners have the right skills and qualifications for their positions
  • growing the sustainability and supply of the health workforce to strengthen long‐term access to appropriately qualified health professionals.

Identifying workforce needs and solutions

We assess health workforce needs and respond to those needs with informed and evidence-based responses. We do this by:

  • reviewing available literature and collation of existing data
  • consulting with key stakeholders including industry groups and peak bodies
  • conducting surveys, interviews, and other activities to consult and fill information gaps
  • liaising with subject matter experts
  • consulting with the broad community
  • working with the Health Workforce Stakeholder Group.

Read our health workforce needs assessment for general practitioners and the remote primary health care workforce including remote area nurses and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners.

Read more about our health workforce needs assessment for allied health professionals.

Our publications

2023 RWA Needs Assessment 
The 2023 report provides an update on the current and emerging needs of the workforce, with a specific focus on the Barkly region. The assessment identifies gaps in the primary care workforce and services and aims to highlight a region with high needs.

2019 RWA Needs Assessment
The 2019 report contributes to the ongoing development and implementation of evidence based activities to address national and specific priorities, relating to workforce needs and gaps in jurisdictions.

Geographic priorities

  • Remote Aboriginal community-controlled health care services
  • Aboriginal community-controlled health services serving the Aboriginal populations in Darwin and Alice Springs 
  • General practices in remote locations MMM6 and 7, and Darwin urban fringe communities – Howard Springs, Humpty Doo, Weddell, Alligator

Discipline priorities

  • Remote area nurses
  • Mental health nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Mental health occupational therapists
  • Social workers
  • Audiologists

Priority areas

  • Develop the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce – clinical and non-clinical
  • Develop pathways into and through health careers
  • Attract, maintain and retain existing workforce within the Northern Territory
  • Develop locally responsive, sustainable models of care

Download the Workforce Needs Analysis: Priority Areas for more information.