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National Disability Data Asset Webinar

National Disability Data Asset Webinar

The National Disability Data Asset is a new way to bring together de-identified information from different government agencies about people with disability.

The disability data asset will provide more information about the outcomes, goals and needs of people with disability. This will help us to better support people with disability, their carers and the community.

What the event will cover

During this webinar event, we will share insights from the 2 years of development and testing called the Pilot  and provide information about:

  • What the disability data asset is
  • How it will benefit people with disability, their carers and families and how it will be a valuable asset for governments, researchers and other organisations
  • How the information will be kept safe and privacy protected
  • How the disability data asset will be co-governed by governments and the disability community. This includes information about the arrangements for the Council and the Charter, to ensure the asset is only used for agreed reasons.

We will be joined by three key speakers:

  • Ben Gauntlett, Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner and Chair of Australia’s Disability Strategy Advisory Council
  • Catherine McAlpine, CEO of Inclusion Australia
  • Scott Avery, Researcher and Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University

If you need support

If you need support to register for this event or want more information you can contact the event facilitators: The Social Deck, email or call us at 0458 228 142

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