Vulnerable Populations
Vaccination Program

Expressions of interest

We are seeking the assistance of health organisations across the Northern Territory to develop and deliver COVID-19 and other vaccinations to our vulnerable populations.​

We are seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from NT-based service providers participating in the National COVID-19 Vaccine Program to undertake quality improvement activities aimed at increasing COVID-19 vaccinations rates across vulnerable populations.

We encourage you to apply for this EOI if you are a GP practice or registered vaccine provider participating in the COVID-19 Vaccine Program providing a service to any of the following vulnerable groups:

  • People with a disability or frail people that cannot leave home (homebound)
  • Elderly people
  • Culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse people especially asylum seekers and refugees
  • Those who do not have a Medicare card or are not eligible for Medicare
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Children aged 5-11 who have complex needs, who are not captured by another suitable vaccination channel
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • Rural and remote communities.

Service providers can apply for up to $10,000 – $20,000.*

*Grant amount would be allocated depending on your population coverage numbers and competitiveness of this grant opportunity.

Funding coverage

Funding will be prioritised for regional and urban GP clinics and pharmacies who are interested in outreach care to vulnerable cohorts in need and undertaking Quality Improvement activities to strengthen practice data quality via data cleansing, updating patient records and proactive patient recalls, ensuring that high-risk vulnerable populations people do not slip through the gaps and miss their vaccinations.

Funding is to be utilised to support time-limited activities.

Some examples to achieve this include:

  • Employing administration staff dedicated to data cleansing, identifying those patients booked/not booked in without vaccination recorded and to review current appointment systems.
  • Promote vaccination via SMS alerts, phone messages, posters, pamphlets and designated vaccination days in clinic for at risk and vulnerable groups.
  • Staff training or up-skilling to support vaccination efforts.
  • Eliminate barriers around staff becoming accredited immunisers by having a dedicated immunisation champion that can mentor and support newly accredited staff.
  • Reasonable financial support to facilitate travel to homebound individuals and disability supported accommodation to provide vaccination services.

Funding cannot be utilised for:

  • Activities under existing funding mechanisms, e.g. MBS and other funding avenues.
  • Capital asset purchases (small asset purchases allowed, to a limit of $500 to conduct pop-up/outreach clinic).
  • In-home vaccinations will only be provided where an individual is unable to attend a vaccine provider. There must be a genuine need, not just convenience.
  • Funding for incentives, including gift-cards, vouchers, staff bonuses and cash-like products.
  • Petrol or vehicle hire for general business not related to vaccine roll-out activities.

How to submit an EOI:

To submit an EOI, please complete the attached application form and forward it to our team at

If you wish to discuss your application, require any further information or wish to discuss your proposed ideas, please reach out to us:

☎️ (08) 8982 1000
☎️ (08) 8982 1025


Closing dates
COB Friday 29 March 2024

Funds must be spent by
30 December 2024

Case study

Japanese encephalitis vaccination drive continues across Top End West communities

In a collaboration between NT PHN, NT Health and key stakeholders, nurses and health workers have travelled across the Top End West to promote and administer JEV vaccinations within the local communities.