Targeted Regional Initiatives for Suicide Prevention

This tender is now closed.

New suicide prevention funding available to
support initiatives and activities in rural and remote NT


A new suicide prevention program, Targeted Regional Initiatives for Suicide Prevention (TRISP), is being rolled out across rural and remote NT, building upon lessons learnt from the National Suicide Prevention Trial.

TRISP is set to open its tender process on 8 November 2023, which will provide vital funding for locally focused programs that address the unique risk factors for suicide in each region, focusing on rural and remote communities where services have historically been limited.  

Key Dates:

  • Tender Opening: 8 November 2023
  • Industry Briefing: 15 November 2023
  • Tender Closing: 6 December 2023



For more information and enquiries, please contact our Procurement team.

Tender application

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Information briefing

Frequently asked questions

$1.26 million in funding will be provided for regional suicide prevention initiatives within the Northern Territory. This funding will be allocated based on the strength of the programs and activities proposed during the open tender process. 

Our aim is to distribute these funds strategically across various service providers throughout the Northern Territory, prioritising regions with the greatest need. While there is no fixed funding amount, we are looking for initiatives that require substantial investment and have the potential for lasting impact. Programs requiring less than $50,000 will not be considered to ensure that our funding can drive significant change. 

The TRISP funding, managed by NT PHN, is designed to support sustainable activities over the next 2 years. We prioritise initiatives that can be maintained and delivered over a 6 to 18-month period, with the potential for lasting beyond. This approach allows for ongoing program monitoring, improvement, and evaluation, ensuring a lasting positive change within the communities we serve. 

The TRISP funding opportunity is open to anyone or any organisation based in the Northern Territory. We encourage applications from those who are committed to implementing or strengthening suicide prevention activities. Please note that your activities must take place in regional NT, excluding Darwin and Palmerston. Priority consideration will be given to applications from Barkly, East Arnhem Land, and West Arnhem Land regions.