Suicide Prevention Program

Suicide Prevention Program

The Suicide Prevention Program is dedicated to targeted suicide prevention activities and approaches for groups identified as having a heightened risk of suicide.


The program aims to:

  • promote help-seeking behaviour and positive lifestyle choices
  • promote local responses to suicide and other related issues within communities
  • facilitate greater networks between service providers and local communities
  • contribute to the development of local community capacity
  • facilitate access to appropriate service providers for Australian communities

Program design

The focus of the program is to improve community strength, resilience and capacity in suicide prevention and provide targeted suicide prevention activities that align with a national suicide prevention framework, LIFE Framework.

This framework aims to reduce the loss of life through suicide based on the following principles:

  • all activities will first, do no harm
  • there will be community ownership and responsibility for action to prevent suicide
  • service delivery will be client-centred.

The program aligns with Action Area 3 of the Life Framework for Action and Action Area 5 of the Life Framework for Action.