Short-term therapies

Short-term therapies program

Short-term therapies provides psychological therapies to vulnerable people experiencing mild to moderate mental illness, and to those who have attempted or are at risk of suicide.


For the short-term therapies program, there are 2 main streams for referral depending on the individual’s mental health needs.

Psychological therapies stream

This stream provides easily accessible, evidence based, short term, focused psychological therapies to individuals with mild to moderate or, in some cases, severe mental illness who would otherwise have little or no access to mental health services.

To be eligible this stream, people must:

  • live in the NT
  • hold a current Health Care Card, Low Income Health Care Card, or Pension Card, or meet other specified hardship criteria
  • have a non-acute moderate mental health condition
  • have a mental health treatment plan (MHTP) or Appendix A of the STT referral form completed by a psychiatrist
  • be eligible for Medicare-funded services.

Suicide prevention stream

This stream offers immediate and intensive therapy to people during a period of increased risk of suicide. Nature of support will depend on choice and control of the consumer and a person’s readiness to engage in intensive therapy.

This service is designed for 3 groups of people:

  • people who, after a suicide attempt have been discharged into the care of a GP from hospital or released into the care of a GP from an emergency department
  • people who have expressed strong suicidal ideation to their GP or a mental health clinician
  • people who are considered at increased risk in the aftermath of a suicide.


Neami National’s NT Connect to Wellbeing program provides an intake assessment and referral service for the Short-Term Therapies program. They liaise with GPs and referral services to determine who is eligible and ensure the person is matched to the least intensive level of care that best suits their needs.

Firstly, a GP will complete a Mental health Treatment Plan (MHTP) and a Short-Term Therapies referral form to refer the client to NT Connect to Wellbeing. Once the referral is received, the intake and assessment staff will assess eligibility based on the MHTP. NT Connect to Wellbeing will then refer the client to an appropriate provider who will make contact with the client.


NT Connect to Wellbeing can be contacted Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm
t: 1800 844 054
f: 08 7906 2260

Who delivers this program?

Qualified mental health professionals deliver the program alongside referring GPs who regularly reviews an individual’s mental health if ongoing treatment is required.

The following providers deliver the STT program:

Big Sky Psychology
NT wide (via telehealth)
P: 0473 010 904
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Stella Hayes
Yulara and Alice Springs
P: 0401 377 932

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
Alice Springs
P: 0447 886 485
F: 08 8959 4750
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Organisational and Personal Psychological Services
Alice Springs
P: 0447 130 955
F: 08 8918 8011

Outlook Psychology
P: 08 8987 3038
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Miwatj Aboriginal Corporation
P: 08 8939 1900
F: 08 8939 1670
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Wisemind Psychology
P: 08 8981 5605
F: 08 8941 7305
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MyPsych NT
P: 0477 000 545
F: 08 8918 0813

The Flourish Collective
P: 0422 909 291
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Industry Health Solutions
P: 1800 432 303
F: 08 8918 8132
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Territory Psychology
P: 0484 004 273
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Phoenix Consulting Pty Ltd
P: 08 8948 4444
F: 08 8914 0069
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Psych Solutions NT
P: 0428 419 582
F: 08 8918 8111
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Anglicare NT Ltd
P: 08 8931 5999
F: 08 8931 5995
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Psych Plus Services
Darwin and NT-wide via telehealth
P: 08 8901 2524
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Top Corner Psychology
P: 0498 798 008

Complete Health Care
Territory Wide via Telehealth

Quality Counselling
P: 0488 288 692 / 0458 151 960

Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine
P: (08) 8941 1752
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