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Virtual Workshop – Complex Catch-up for Immunisation

Virtual Workshop – Complex Catch-up for Immunisation

Benchmarque Group are delivering a virtual workshop for experienced immunisers in Australia.

Are you an experienced immuniser but would like to review catch-up principles and scenarios? Then this interactive workshop is essential.

The Workshop

Delivered in a “small classroom” setting, this interactive workshop will use complex “catch-up” scenarios to expand your understanding and knowledge of administering vaccines in a clinical environment. You will discuss larger, more complex catch-up scenarios that may involve families and routine catch-up schedules but with added complexity such as country of origin.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this virtual workshop, you will:

  • Have refreshed your knowledge on how to work through a more complex catch-up process and what needs to be considered.
  • Have practiced working through one or more scenarios using the Australian Immunisation Handbook Catch-Up Tables.
  • Be provided with answers for any questions you might have.

Health Pathways

Northern Territory HealthPathways offer clinicians clear guidance for assessing and managing a particular symptoms or condition during the point of care. Pathways include information for referrers and requests to services in the local health system.

For supplementary learnings to this event,  NT HealthPathways are pleased to share pathways:

Contact the team today on for your logon.

NB: Not all pathways on the HealthPathways site have been localised. Unlocalised pathways (highlighted with a banner) contain relevant clinical content, however, local services are defaulted to New Zealand.

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As a general guide, one (1) hour of active learning equates to one (1) hour of CPD. It is the responsibility of the individual student to calculate how many hours of active learning have been completed. The hours of active learning  should act as a guide to CPD hours.


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