Our Board is responsible for providing leadership to the organisation and overseeing the overall strategy, governance and performance of the company. The key roles and responsibilities of the Board are set out in our Board Charter.

The Board does not make the decisions as to which health services receive funding as part of the commissioning process. These decisions are governed by Northern Territory PHN’s Commissioning Policy and Procedure which are based on the requirements of the Commonwealth.

Mr John Rawnsley – Board Chair


John was appointed to the Board on 10 November 2015 and as Deputy Chair from 25 November 2019. Prior to this he worked in various legal roles and leadership development.

John is the NT PHN-nominated director on the Board of Northern Territory General Practice Education Ltd. He is also a director of the Larrakia Development Corporation since 2013 and the Winkiku Rrumbangi NT Indigenous Lawyers Aboriginal Corporation since. He is co-Chair of the Advisory Board of the Poche Centre with Flinders University and chairs the Smith Family’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group since 2017, having been a member since 2011.

Mr David Blair – Deputy Chair

BSc Joint Honours in Science, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries, Certificate in Risk Management and Assurance, Certificate in Internal Control, Certificate in Governance and Risk Management, Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

David Blair is a Chartered Accountant with extensive finance, risk management, governance and business experience. He is currently employed as the Chief Operating Officer at New Chapters New Beginnings. Prior to this, he has held positions as CFO of Kolsen Group and Chief Operating Officer at Menzies School of Health Research.

David is also an experienced Director, having previously served on the Boards of Lifeline Top End, Melaleuca Refuge Centre, Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, and as a public member of the AHPRA Physiotherapist Board NT.  David is an independent member of Audit and Risk Management Committee, Tiwi Island Regional Council.

Ms Heather D’Antoine

Dip in Midwifery, Dip in Nursing, Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Health Economics (Aboriginal Health)

Appointed to the Board on 28 August 2017. Heather D’Antoine has more than 25 years of experience, initially as a registered midwife and nurse, and later as a health services manager in both Aboriginal health services and general health services, with the last 18 years dedicated to health research. For the last ten years, Heather was the Associate Director for Aboriginal Programs and Division Leader of Education and Capacity Building at Menzies School of Health Research, serving as a member of the Executive Committee. She continues as Distinguished Honorary Fellow, Menzies School of Health Research.

Heather is involved with establishing the ‘National Network for First Nations Research’ which is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council. She is a member of the Public Health Association of Australia.

Heather is an NT PHN-nominated Board member with Rural Health Workforce Australia Ltd since October 2020, the National Mental Health Commission and the Aboriginal Advisory Group at Flinders University. She was a member of the Independent Review Panel of the proposed establishment of a Dan Murphy’s in Darwin by Woolworths Group Limited.

Dr Samuel Goodwin

MB BS, Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, JCCA (Anaesthetics), Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, MPHTM

Appointed to the Board on 14 August 2015. Dr Samuel Goodwin is the Executive Director of Medical and Clinical Services, Alice Springs Hospital for the Central Australia Health Service. He has spent the past decade training in a remote area, aspiring to the principles of rural generalism. He continues to practice as a general practitioner at Central Clinic in Alice Springs. He has spent a decade training in remote areas, aspiring to the principles of rural generalism and specalises in health system governance.

Samuel is a member of the is a member of the Northern Territory Postgraduate Medical Council since 2008, and a member of the Medical Board of Australia since 2015.

Ms Liza Houghton

Graduate Australian Institute Company Directors, Fellow Australasian College Health Service Management, Master Business Administration, Graduate Diploma Nurse Education, Graduate Certificate Critical Care, Bachelor Applied Science (Nursing)

Liza has undertaken key roles in reviewing or establishing governance frameworks, structures and policies including in primary health care and Aboriginal Health Services in the Northern Territory as an independent management consultant.

Liza has a background as a Registered Nurse with extensive experience working with multidisciplinary and allied health teams across the health sector. Professional skills and experience include strategy and policy development; financial and risk management; not-for-profit corporate and clinical governance; Primary Health Care; and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health services.

Previous Board Directorships include Chair of Variety, the children’s charity Northern Territory, Non-executive Director of Variety Australia and Triathlon Northern Territory.

Liza is an NT study group facilitator and examiner for the Fellowship program for the Australasian College Health Service Management, and mentor in the NT Health Leadership Program.

Helen Bowden​

Pharmacist, Bachelor Pharmacy (BPharm), Masters Public Health (MPH)

Helen brings a wealth of experience to the NT PHN board as a pharmacist with a varied experience in primary healthcare across the Northern Territory.

Her diverse background encompasses roles in community pharmacy management, workforce development initiatives, quality improvement programs, remote primary health care delivery, and as an educator and implementation of medication management programs across a range of settings including aged care.

With an eye for detail and an interest in collaboration, Helen has made significant contributions to pharmaceutical services, including her involvement in the implementation of pharmacist vaccination services across the Northern Territory.

Now living and working in a remote community, Helen continues to build upon her extensive knowledge of primary health care provision and maintain her tireless dedication to improving healthcare outcomes.

Sue Korner

Non-executive director NT PHN, Post Grad Diploma Public Sector Executive Management, Member Australian Institute Company Directors

With more than 30 years of senior and executive management experience across primary, public, and tertiary healthcare in the Northern Territory, covering both government and non-government sectors, Sue has made substantial contributions to the healthcare landscape.

Most recently, she served as the Chief Operating Officer of Central Australia Health Service for 6 years, after being appointed to the CAHS board. In addition, Sue has garnered over 20 years of experience in the private sector by co-owning and operating a touring company with her husband.

Our Board Committees

Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee supports the Board relating to the Board’s oversight responsibilities relating to:

  • the financial and business affairs of NT PHN;
  • the preparation and integrity of NT PHN’s financial reporting;
  • internal controls, policies and procedures NT PHN uses to identify and manage business risks, compliance with external legal and regulatory requirements, and internal policy requirements;
  • the use of internal audit to test the integrity of controls established to minimise risks; and
  • the external auditor’s audit of NT PHN’s annual financial statements.

Read the Committee’s Terms of Reference here.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supports the Board through oversight, review and reporting responsibilities for all Board-related corporate governance policies.

Read the Committee’s Terms of Reference here.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee consist only of representatives appointed by each Company member. The Committee supports the Board in relation to:

  • the selection, appointment and re-appointment of Directors;
  • reviewing the Board skills matrix to assess the Board’s competencies;
  • reviewing the Board succession plan to ensure an appropriate balance of skills, experience, expertise and diversity is maintained.

Read the Committee’s Terms of Reference here.

Rural Workforce Agency NT Committee

The Rural Workforce Agency NT Committee supports the Board through strategic oversight of NT PHN’s role and function as the Northern Territory Rural Workforce Agency, delivered operationally by the NT Health Workforce Branch. The Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • oversee the development and implementation of NT PHN’s health workforce strategy;
  • oversee the promotion of the NT Health Workforce Branch’s activities and maximising strategic partnerships; and
  • monitor the performance, including the budget, of the NT Health Workforce Branch.

Read the Committee’s Terms of Reference here.