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Strategic Plan 2024-29

The Northern Territory PHN 2024–29 Strategic Plan sets out a
5-year vision to improve the health and wellbeing of communities across the Territory.

Watch the NT PHN Strategic Plan 2024-29 video

Read the NT PHN Strategic Plan 2024-29 (PDF, 4.8 MB)

Our vision

A culturally safe, inclusive, person-centred and integrated health care system that helps Territorians thrive.

Our mission

We support communities through responsive primary and mental health care, fostering a sustainable workforce and prioritising the distinct needs of Territorians, with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Our values

Trusted partner | Culturally safe | Authentic | Courageous | Inclusive

Our focus areas and strategic priorities




Fostering cultural respect,
safety and responsiveness

Priority 1.1
Promote community-led decision-making through Traditional Owners, Elder groups, community and consumers.

Priority 1.2
Cultivate cultural responsiveness of Aboriginal-designed service delivery models, Aboriginal-developed ways of working and Aboriginal tools to measure outcomes.

Priority 1.3
Highlight cultural responsiveness as a key deliverable within our commissioned activities.

Priority 1.4
Ensure the promotion of health literacy, agency and autonomy across services.

Priority 1.5
Eliminate racism through inclusive strategies.

Supporting primary care and mental health service providers

Priority 2.1
Collaborate with primary health care and mental health service providers to understand needs, and support sustainable service delivery and equitable access.

Priority 2.2
Enhance the capacity and sustainability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary and mental health care.

Priority 2.3
Advance equitable access to culturally
responsive primary and mental health
care workforce availability across the
Northern Territory.

Priority 2.4
Cultivate primary care and mental health service innovation, including the meaningful use of data, research translation and digital health enablers for evidence-informed health care and continuous quality improvement.

Priority 2.5
Harness multidisciplinary approaches to support culturally safe and responsive continuity of care.

Commissioning services to meet local health needs

Priority 3.1
Ensure a community-led commissioning approach that is data-driven, digitally enabled and focuses on health and
wellbeing outcomes.

Priority 3.2
Build a culturally responsive commissioning approach to achieve the best health and wellbeing outcomes and investment for our communities.

Priority 3.3
Demonstrate health impact through accountable and culturally responsive commissioning.

Priority 3.4
Transform from outputs to culturally safe and appropriate health and wellbeing outcomes, focused on individual and community-centred care.

Priority 3.5
Collaboratively co-create and commission activities with the sector and community for health and wellbeing.




Integrating locally responsive
health systems

Priority 4.1
Facilitate integrated planning and community-informed service provision.

Priority 4.2
Drive a collaborative approach to innovative data management and insights.

Priority 4.3
Engage in genuine collaborative planning and investment across the health sector.

Priority 4.4
Build community-centric advocacy and influence.

Priority 4.5
Embed a whole-system commitment to ongoing improvement and priority health reforms.

Evolving our organisational capability and growing our workplace culture

Priority 5.1
Elevate governance excellence by investing in our processes and systems.

Priority 5.2
Commit to our own Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment, retention and professional development.

Priority 5.3
Grow and develop our people for high performance with an engaged, motivated, culturally safe and skilled workforce.

Priority 5.4
Grow our organisational culture to thrive, adapt and achieve success.

Priority 5.5
Empower our workforce capacity through responsive systems.

Supporting the rural
health workforce

Priority 6.1
Systematically understand the needs of the primary health care and mental health service provider workforce to support planning and prioritising of workforce programs.

Priority 6.2
Develop and grow a dedicated and identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce in the Northern Territory.

Priority 6.3
Maintain equitable access to primary and mental health care workforce availability across the Northern Territory.

Priority 6.4
Improve access to supported career pathways into primary health care, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the Northern Territory.

Priority 6.5
Support the primary health care and mental health provider sector to recruit, develop and retain health care professionals.

Strategic Plan visual design

Our organisation is proud to be part of the Northern Territory community. The visual elements used in the Strategic Plan are an evolution of an original bespoke design piece created by Cian Mungatj McCue for our PHN.

Born and raised in Darwin, Cian is a descendant of the Larrakia, Yanyuwa and Mulluk-Mulluk peoples. Cian’s original artwork represents the great expanse of the NT and each region’s distinguishing art styles. From cross-hatching and linework in the Top End, to circle and dot work in Central Australia, the artwork represents the different regions and peoples across the NT coming together with us to meet the vision of a healthier Territory.

We thank Cian for his support in our evolution of this artwork.

Frequently asked questions

For more information about the development of the Strategic Plan, refer to our frequently asked questions (PDF, 149 KB).