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RACGP’s Fellowship Support Program (FSP)

RACGP’s Fellowship Support Program (FSP)

Applications for the RACGP’s Fellowship Support Program (FSP) will be open from 4 to 15 July 2022 and the first intake of the program will start in January 2023.

As you might already know, the FSP is replacing our Practice Experience Program (PEP) as the Commonwealth Government funding for the PEP ends in June 2023.

The RACGP is actively advocating for federal government funding as we believe ongoing support for Non-Vocationally Registered doctors in Australia is required. However, given there is also no certainty that funding will be provided, we developed the FSP as a self-funded program to ensure we can continue to support participants to progress towards Fellowship.

While participating in the FSP, members will be recognised as RACGP registrars, meaning they can access discounts on RACGP membership fees, have full access to the RACGP’s library and benefit from the RACGP’s ongoing advocacy activities.

Who can apply?  

The FSP is designed for practitioners working in regional, rural and remote practices in Australia. Those working in comprehensive general practice in a Modified Monash (MM) 2-7 area will be able to apply to the FSP and obtain a Medicare provider number to secure the highest level of rebates for their patients.

More information about provider numbers in MM1 areas, like major urban centres, will be released before applications open.

Program information is now live on our website. Specific information about how to apply for the FSP is available in our FSP Application handbook and members can also get detailed program fee information.

Please share this information with your relevant networks and if you have any questions, please let me know or contact our Training Programs team:, 1800 472 247.

We acknowledge that the increase in the program fees due to the end of the government subsidy will be a significant challenge for many International Medical Graduates, who undoubtedly provide a valuable contribution to the primary healthcare sector in Australia. We’ll keep advocating on their behalf for a FSP subsidy and we’ll do our best to support their pathway to Fellowship.


04 - 15 Jul 2022



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