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Perfectionism in Children and Adolescents: Understanding it & Steps Towards Managing it.

Perfectionism in Children and Adolescents: Understanding it & Steps Towards Managing it.

This webinar is for health and welfare professionals working in the wider community as well as for teachers and others in education settings.


Perfectionism is common in children and adolescents and there is evidence to suggest that it is becoming more prevalent.

Perfectionism, when it occurs in children and adolescents, can affect their well-being, relationship with others, their learning, and their ability to enjoy common, everyday experiences.

It is important for professionals working with children and young people to be able to recognise perfectionism when it occurs, understand the possible impact of perfectionism on children and young people, and be able to help the young person and their parents or carers take steps towards managing it.

The 3 hour webinar will be highly interactive and participants will be encouraged to ask questions at any time.

Detailed notes will be provided.


David Cherry is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who has over 40 years experience as a psychologist and 35 years as a trainer. David has a background in the developmental and intellectual assessment of children and young people in care.

He has supported staff to provide the best possible care for these young people and; assisted parents to develop their skills so that their children could be returned to their care.

Learning Objectives

By completing this webinar participants will:

  • Understand the impact of perfectionism on children and young people
  • Have increased knowledge of the common parenting practices that may contribute to perfectionism
  • Understand the link between perfectionism and common mental health difficulties
  • have increased knowledge of how parents and carers can help their child
  • Know how to support the perfectionistic child/young person in school


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