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Darwin GP Forum: Young People and Mental Health

Darwin GP Forum: Young People and Mental Health

Mental health and young people: opportunities to empower and engage

About this event

This program is designed to help GPs assess people aged 16–24 years who present with psychological distress, and discuss medicines and non-medicine management options for depression and anxiety disorders.

About the program:

This program will focus on how to engage with young people to empower them and increase their autonomy, and support informed decision-making. The discussion will address psychosocial assessment, safety planning, the role for medicines, monitoring and review of agreed management options and the role for family and other supports.

Information will be included on resources and support services that GPs can offer to young people struggling with mental health issues plus practical tips for accessing online mental health tools.

Learning outcomes:

  • Use communication strategies during comprehensive psychosocial assessments with young people for early diagnosis and management
  • Identify the components of safety plans to frame positive conversations and priorities connections and support with young people at risk of suicide
  • Discuss management options for inclusion in individualised mental health management plans to optimise response and self-care
  • Review medicines for depression and anxiety disorders and adjust according to treatment response and adverse effects to improve quality of life of young people


26 Jul 2022


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Mercure Airport Resort Darwin

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